Benefit for member

  • Sharing market information, expertise and technologies with fruit, flower and vegetables
  • Special chance for every training and service provided by MFVP
  • Participating in conference and seminar (local & foreign)
  • networking among members for mutual benefit by business linkages (selling and buying)
  • accessing special trainings of producing standard quality product leading to export market,
  • International communication for receiving advanced technologies and exporting opportunities
  • Guidance and suggestions available for any problem about farm and market

Moreover, we are now offering membership services such as capacity...

  • Updated and Regularly Price & market Information, Monthly Farmers Journals/newsletter

  • Yangon based market platform/ creating market places for members

  • Business Linkages to International Clients or among members

  • Consulations/Mobile Clinics for Pest and Disease Control

  • Distribustion of Cost Efficient Quality Inputs(e.g. seeds, fertilizers)

  • Advanced Trainings/technical supports with specific crops(from growing crops-harvesting-marketing to end users with Food Safely)