MFVP Branches

Mandalay MFVP branch have been organized in 2006, and it has 7 clusters according to specific produce such as mango, coffee, nursery plant, flower, plum, pineapple and watermelon. Now, Mandalay MFVP branch is planning to make grape cluster.

MFVP Branch (Mon) was organized in 2014 with 30 members. Most of members are farmers who grow durine, mangosteen, rambuton, pomelo within their orchard. In 2015, January, local product exhibition as Mon was held cooperation with ministry of commerce.

MFVP branch (Rakhine) was organized by vice chairperson Dr. Than Than Sein and secretaries  in November, 2013, together with 27  local executive members from 12 townships  in 2013.

MFVP branch (Bago) was organized in 2006. It has 7 product based clusters. Most of the members are orchard growers.

MFVP branch (sagaing) was organized with 72 members on 5th May,2012. Now, it has 340 members and 4 product based clusters such mango cluster, plum cluster, melon cluster.