What we Do

Major functions of MFVP are:

  • Intermediary between government departments/agencies and private sector
  • Advocacy and trade negotiation
  • Promotion, standards and quality development
  • Capacity building program for members through organizing and providing of seminar, symposium, workshop and trainings
  • Exhibition, fair, market (e.g. farmer market and 105 mile trade center) and other information provision, including business-matching
  • Overcoming logistical difficulties
  • Dispute settlement (mediation and arbitration)
  • Market research

Now, we are offering services to our members as below;

  • Development of Farmer Clusters
  • Capacity Building of Farmers and other chain actors
  • Marketing Support and business linkages

Development of Farmer Clusters

MFVP head-office facilitates local farmer groups to set-up and to develop formal product clusters in order to overcome limited, unregularly and inconsistent qualities of selected commodities. Throughout the country, MFVP has developed 29 product clusters covering a high diversity of produce from melons, pomelo and mango to flowers.

Capacity Building of Farmers and other Chain Actors

We organize a wide range of training courses according to the needs of our members. In the past three years specific courses have been implemented dealing with integrated pest management, irrigation, soil management, pruning techniques, bagging, post-harvest treatment, good agricultural practices (GAP), organic production and alike. Study trips, experience exchange, and fruits festivals have been facilitated to encourage learning among all partners in the value chain and disseminate knowledge on good practices of product handling throughout the supply chain.

Marketing Support and Business Linkages

In terms of Marketing Support and Business Linkages, MFVP Head Office operates a marketing platform within (1) the wholesale market thirimingala, where members of the association can rent a stall on a daily base to sell their products to Yangon’s retailers and consumers. There are in total 66 stalls, which are operated 24 hours per day, (2) the Muse commodities center as boarder trade market for Myanmar exporters, and (3) Safe food from safe farm  as organic produce market. Moreover, we collect demand driven information (i.e. prices, markets, trends) and share it among our members. We also facilitate business matches between foreign buyers and our members.


UMFCCI Office Tower, 5th Floor, Min Ye Kyaw Swar Street, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon, Myanmar


+951 218 367


+951 218 367

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